November 5, 2012

Patents, Trademark, Copyrights, Licensing, and Strategy

Feeney Law Group assists companies and startups with patent, trademark, copyright, licensing, nondisclosure, contracts, and other intellectual property and business law matters.

IP Practice Areas

“I could not be more pleased with Feeney Law Group. StormTreehas been working with Feeney Law Group since 2014.   Feeney Law Group works in a client’s best interest legally and professionally.  They go above and beyond working with their clients regarding business strategy and risk assessment providing an objective view to various business circumstances.   Feeney Law Group is readily accessible by phone, email or text–day, evenings and weekends making it convenient to the small business entrepreneur.  I highly recommend Feeney Law Group.”

~ Sandra Tremblay, CEO, StormTree™

We are a unique IP law firm because we think and work like entrepreneurs.  We specialize in U.S. and international intellectual property (IP) law and IP strategy for inventors in the biological, chemical, and mechanical arts.  We provide services for clients seeking to protect their interests through the use of highly experienced professionals within each client’s field of specialization.  Practicing since 1990, Mr. Feeney has been serving clients for more than two decades.  Feeney Law Group provides our clients with professional IP services by working as a technical partner in the IP strategy and development cycle to protect valuable intellectual assets.

Feeney Law Group provides a full range of intellectual property services for public and private companies seeking expert IP counsel.  From small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations, we provide smart and personable IP solutions to our clients in a respectful manner, while acting as a trusted member of your leadership team.