June 13, 2016

Simple Pricing

A Modern IP Law Firm


At Feeney Law Group, we practice client-focused and philosophy-driven Intellectual Property Law.  We offer competitive rates, innovated fee structures, and virtual in-house service arrangements that meet the needs of each client based on their unique requirements and stage of development in the business life cycle.

We provide our clients with estimates, service caps and reasonable hourly rates in an easy to understand format that allows our clients to budget for IP expenses.  We never bill for basic business communications, such as routine email responses, routine telephone calls, or routine office tasks.  Our clients love us for our straightforward and transparent pricing model.

We provide professional and customized solutions to our clients in a collaborative manner while performing as a trusted member of your leadership team.

IP Czar™  and IP Wrangler™ 

Check out our IP Czar™  concept!