Tony N. Woolard, BS, Scientific Advisor*

Tony Naquan Woolard is a currently seeking a law school Degree at Roger Williams University. Mr. Woolard obtaining his undergraduate degree at Quinnipiac University where he studied Biomedical Science and later attended the (ALM) Master of Biology program at the Harvard Extension School. While studying Biology at Harvard University, Mr. Woolard worked as a postgraduate researcher at Yale University under Dr. Naftali Kaminski, the Chief of the Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Department. Most of Mr. Woolard’s contribution to science has been highlighted by proteomic and genomic breakthroughs in the context of IPF. His contribution to various projects has resulted in multiple publication including a first author abstract titled, “Overview of Multicenter Genomic Research in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and Sarcoidosis (GRADS) and Biorepository” which was presented with an award at the American Thoracic Society for its complexity and significance in the Pulmonary Field. Before entering into law school Mr. Woolard interned in the Office of Cooperative Research at Yale University under Diane K Harmon the Director of the Intellectual Property Administration. Mr. Woolard is now seeking a law degree where he strives to become a biomedical patent attorney and combine his love for science with his interest in the law.


* Scientific advisers are not financial partners with FLG.

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