April 17, 2018

Diversity in Action

Shot of a group of business people sitting together in a meeting

As New England’s 100% minority-owned intellectual property law firm,  we are realizing our vision to create a place where diversity can inspire our team members to feel valued at work.  We are continuously look for ways to strengthen our firm’s values of trust, security, innovation, and creativity to better serve our market of varied international clients and vendors.  We actively seek opportunities to engage across humanity’s spectrum of color, race, gender, gender expression, sexual identity, age, ability, ethnicity, or religion.  We are also committed to providing quality service by maintaining a work environment that supports and respects individuality and which reflects the distinctiveness of our clients and vendors.

We are a minority-owned firm that empowers POC, Women, LGBTQ+ and all people who see things from a different point of view and thrive in a diverse environment.  We are client-focused, mission driven, and outcome based.  We value individuals and their contributions.