Our IP Czar® model enables businesses to enjoy the advantages of in-house legal expertise without the substantial expenses associated with full-time, in-house counsel. For organizations possessing in-house legal departments, we can bolster your team with an exceptionally skilled part-time, in-house attorney.


Numerous enterprises neither require nor possess the financial resources to sustain a full-time in-house patent attorney. By engaging Feeney Law Group, you gain the stability of a dedicated IP attorney without incurring the costs of idle time, benefits, and taxes linked to full or part-time employees.

IP Culture® offers these benefits:

  • Integration of IP and Patent Proficiency within your R&D team
  • IP Strategy and Portfolio Administration
  • Attorney Presence in Your Office
  • In-House Attorney Representation
  • Virtual In-House Services
  • IP Risk Mitigation
  • Plans commencing at $2,000/month
  • Contact Donald Frugé for further benefits and specifics: [email protected]


Feeney Law Group excels in Life Science IP and comprehends a holistic perspective of Intellectual Property for Life Sciences. We deliver top-tier IP services and in-house caliber, exclusively from seasoned senior-level IP attorneys.

Dan in-house attorney, without the high cost associated with a full-time, in-house counsel.  For companies with in-house counsel, we can provide additional support for your department with a highly-qualified part-time, in-house attorney.


Many companies do not need or have the budget to support a full-time in-house patent attorney. By hiring Feeney Law Group, you will have the consistency of a full-time IP attorney without having to pay for idle time, benefits, and taxes, associated with a full or part-time employee.


  • Philosophy
  • Quality
  • Partnership Commitment
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Affordability
  • Reliability