April 22, 2024

Feeney Intellectual Property Law Team

Alan F. Feeney, Esq.,

LL.M. Founding Partner, LL.M. (IP)
Senior Patent & Trademark Attorney


Zoey (Zhaowei) Jiang*
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, (Candidate)

Donald Frugé, BS, MPH
Executive Director and Healthcare Specialist*

David Chelidze, PhD
Scientific Advisor*, Mechanical,
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Juan Jose Barboza
Gubo, MFA, Artistic Advisor*

Daniel Sullivan, Esq.
Senior Attorney IP and Patent Attorney

Lang Yu Wu, M.S.
Scientific Advisor*, Chemistry

Jennifer Hyde, Paralegal
Trademark Paralegal*

Watercolor Law Offices of Feeney Law Group Cozy Vintage

Search Specialist, BSc. Mathematics;
MSc. Organic Chemistry; MSc Computer Science

*Advisors and Directors are not financial partners of Feeney Law Group

“I could not be more pleased with Feeney Law Group. StormTreehas been working with Feeney Law Group since 2014. Feeney Law Group works in a client’s best interest legally and professionally. They go above and beyond working with their clients regarding business strategy and risk assessment providing an objective view to various business circumstances. Feeney Law Group is readily accessible by phone, email or text–day, evenings and weekends making it convenient to the small business entrepreneur. I highly recommend Feeney Law Group.”

– Sandra Tremblay, CEO, StormTree

“Feeney Law Group has a thorough and strategic understanding of life sciences R&D and intellectual property development. They have in-depth experience and excellence with national and international IP planning, and have a global network of partners that provide for the standardization of services and costs around the world. Their strong backgrounds have meant that I never have to educate them about the basic science behind my inventions or the competitive landscape. They are highly skilled, client-focused, and straightforward in their business practices. I wish I had met Feeney Law ten years ago.”

– Andrew Mallon, CEO, Calista Therapeutics

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800 Boylston Street, 16th Floor
Boston, MA 02199
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Foundry Campus
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