FTC Franchise Rule Update: Expert Breakdown of Potential Changes

Introduction: FTC Request for Comments

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently initiated a process to solicit public comments on proposed rulemaking regarding franchisor business practices. This important development aims to protect the interests of franchisees while ensuring that franchisors maintain fair and transparent business practices. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of the FTC’s request for comments and provide insights into the potential impact on the franchising industry.

Understanding the Background and Rationale

Regulatory Framework for Franchising in the United States

Franchising in the United States is primarily governed by the FTC’s Franchise Rule (16 CFR Part 436). The rule sets forth various disclosure requirements for franchisors to provide prospective franchisees with essential information, including financial data, franchise system history, and legal obligations.

The Need for Revisiting the Franchise Rule

Over time, concerns have been raised regarding the Franchise Rule’s efficacy in addressing contemporary challenges within the franchising sector. Stakeholders have cited the need for updating and clarifying certain provisions to better protect franchisees and ensure ethical business practices. In response, the FTC has launched a public comment period to gather input from stakeholders on potential amendments to the rule.

Key Areas of Focus for the Proposed Rulemaking

The FTC’s request for comments targets several crucial aspects of franchisor business practices, including:

Franchise Business Disclosure Requirements

The agency seeks input on whether the current disclosure requirements under the Franchise Rule are sufficient to protect prospective franchisees. Public comments are particularly encouraged on potential improvements to financial performance representations and the inclusion of additional financial data.

Franchise Relationship Issues

The FTC is interested in feedback on whether the Franchise Rule should address franchise relationship issues, such as renewal and termination rights, dispute resolution mechanisms, and encroachment. It also invites comments on franchisor obligations related to training, marketing, and supply chain management.

Pre-Sale Communications

The agency is considering expanding the scope of pre-sale communication regulations to cover electronic communications, such as email and social media. It seeks input on potential risks and benefits associated with these communication channels and any necessary disclosure requirements.

Analyzing the Potential Impact on the Franchising Industry

The FTC’s proposed rulemaking process has significant implications for both franchisors and franchisees. Key impacts on the industry may include:

Enhanced Franshiser Transparency and Disclosure

With potential updates to the Franchise Rule’s disclosure requirements, franchisors may need to provide more comprehensive and accurate information to prospective franchisees. This enhanced transparency could help franchisees make more informed decisions when entering into a franchise agreement.

Strengthened Franchisee Protections

By addressing franchise relationship issues, the FTC may establish stronger protections for franchisees. Enhanced regulations in areas such as renewal rights, termination provisions, and dispute resolution could promote a more equitable balance of power between franchisors and franchisees.

Adapting to Technological Advances

As the FTC considers expanding pre-sale communication regulations to cover electronic channels, franchisors will need to adapt their marketing and disclosure practices accordingly. This shift could help ensure that the Franchise Rule remains relevant and effective in today’s digital landscape.


The FTC’s call for public input on franchisor business practices presents a pivotal opportunity to shape the future of the franchising industry in the United States. By engaging with stakeholders and considering their feedback, the FTC aims to modernize the Franchise Rule and ensure that it remains an effective tool for promoting fair and transparent franchisor practices.

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