July 8, 2014

Philip Kasprzyk, PhD


Sr Biologist/Oncologist (Director In Vivo Pharmacology) with Expertise in Peptide, Small Molecule, and Antibody

Phil is an experienced, passionate senior level biologist/oncologist with leadership experience. He has been involved in the peptide, small molecule, and antibody fields. Phil also has extensive knowledge and experience in the Oncology and Pharmacology fields.

During his career, Phil has worked in both small (startup) and medium sized pharma and have lead research programs where team members were either internal, external (collaboration or CRO based) or a blend of both. Phil established and ran the in vivo Oncology department at Ipsen in the US managing a group of research associates and scientists and has been involved in numerous projects.

Beyond biology, Phil has been actively involved in both in-licensing and out-licensing of various company assets. With an out licensing team, we sold our in house topoisomerase projects to a large US pharma for $200M. He co-spearheaded another group to out license a preclinical cdc25 program to a medium sized European pharma for 40M.

Phil has also been involved in business development, partner and asset evaluation, alliance management, and therapeutic area company direction. Phil has a reputation and has repeatedly been recognized by upper management for promoting collaboration both within groups and across cross-functional teams. A people person by nature, he enjoys working with enthusiastic teams and spearheading effective collaborations to accelerate the drug discovery process.

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